Will you check my file and make sure it’s set up to letterpress beautifully?

Yes, we most certainly will!  This is one of the things we are most critical about.  We will be in touch if we find any “red flags” that may compromise quality, otherwise, it’s up to you to check spelling & make sure your contact info is correct.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we most certainly do!  We ship through FedEx or UPS.

Does Piggyback letterpress in ink colors other than black, different paper, double sided, other than 2 x 3.5, painted edges, etc?

At the moment Piggyback letterpresses in black ink only, one kind of paper, single-sided / double-sided and 2 x 3.5.  These boundries enable us to take advantage of “economies of scale” passing along a 220% discount to Piggybackers.  As we grow we may offer an off-white / pearl paper or other options, but we’ll always keep black ink as our signature.  We think it’s classy.

Do you letterpress anything other than business cards?

Piggyback specializes in business cards and notecards at the moment.  If you have a custom project let us know.  We’ll either accommodate you or send you to a collaborator we trust.

What is your turnaround time?

We ship within 7-10 business days, but usually faster.

What format do you take the design in?

See “upload” template

Do you offer assistance with design?

We do offer assistance with design for a minimal fee.  Please contact us for more info at info@piggybackletterpress.com

Can you ship me samples?

Yes, samples are free and so is USPS shipping within the U.S.  We ask you to cover the costs of expedited & international shipping.

Do you print less than 250 cards?

Piggyback letterpresses in minimum quantities of 250 cards.

Since, almost 80% of what goes into the cost of letter-pressing are set “set-up” costs, it’s basically the same price to print 250 cards as it is to print 100.  The only difference is a little bit more paper & trimming, which is minimal.