Ladies Get Paid / Women to Rising Up at Work, NYC.

New Website for a Stronger Future with Ladies Get Paid.

Over the past year, we’ve watched Ladies Get Paid grow exponentially from NYC-based Town Halls to events across the country, webinars reaching the span of the other side of the world, a community of women who are getting more honest with each other and using that space to empower each other. AND TONS MORE.

Across the country, the women of Ladies Get Paid are closing the wage gap one woman at a time—and they’re getting ready for expansion. Last week, LGP announced the launch of their new website—providing ease of access to the plethora of resources and events on their radar.

Show them some love, and be prepared to really looking forward to reading messages from heartfelt to cold-hard-truth from founder Claire Wasserman.

Website design by LGP member Danielle Vogl

“In the ‘How to Ask for a Raise’ session I realized I was about to ask for less than I deserved based on how I was hired, not my current output. That session was the difference of a $15,000 raise.”

“LGP has truly transformed my life as I transition careers and I can’t stop talking about it. You’ve created a great space online and in real life for women to connect and network.”

-Fans of LGP

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LADIES GET PAID—Global Network of Women
Closing the Wage Gap, NYC.


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