The Conscious Generation—investing in the future of our children.



The Conscious Generation is a 21st-century education 
organization for the conscious child and conscious parent.  

To educate children in such a way that is neglected by 
modern education and society. That is, through the laws of 
energy, energy awareness, mindfulness, emotional awareness, 
emotional intelligence, connection to oneself and others, 
and meditation.

We aim to teach children what matters and put energy 
awareness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, cultivating 
relationships with others, and meditation first. We believe 
children should be given a chance to be precisely what children 
are: all heart. Children should experience daily joy with fellow 
children, and feel free to experiment, explore their imaginations, 
and create independently and with others. Our mission is to 
encourage children to be creative. We will create a more 
connected, peaceful environment in the world. We are truly 
an unparalleled learning experience.

About Sebhia Dibra—Founder of TCG

Sebhia Dibra is the Founder of The Conscious Generation, 
501(c)3 nonprofit aimed at raising the collective consciousness 
of the next generation with 21st-century education. The Conscious 
Generation's mission is changing the education system for children 
by including meditation and mindfulness practices as part of 
the curriculum. 

Sebhia is the author and coauthor of over five textbooks and 
books in meditation, mindfulness, health, and education. She 
believes starting such practices at a young age will improve 
relationships, stress, empathy, and memory. Meditation is a 
fundamental tool that can be used to change the collective 
whole by improving relationships with self and others. 

Meditation can change how we handle stress and emotions, 
and provide a deep insight to let go and sit still during 
the day, which is counter-intuitive for most children and 
adults. Her goal is to create a ripple effect of different 
modalities including meditation practices and initiatives 
throughout public and private education sectors to help 
students ease tension, and reduce things like anxiety and 
a racing mind. For example, studies have shown that 
meditation increases emotional intelligence (EQ), such 
as empathy. Meditation has also been shown to increase 
IQ: students who meditated before a test performed better. 

For more information and to learn how you can be a 
part of this educational movement, check out the 
@the_conscious_generation. She is currently looking 
for volunteers, influencers, illustrators, writers, 
creatives, and authors to be a part of her team. 
Her email is

Sebhia is a co-host of Conscious Manifesto Podcast 
(@consciousmanifesto) which launches in February 2019. 
The podcast is focused on helping people manifest their 
dreams and desires through well-intended principles and 
attracting what you want in life and how. She plans to 
speak with other conscious entrepreneurs, companies, 
and organizations doing extraordinary work.

She is also the founder of a social media boutique agency, 
@consciouswolfpress, to help influencers and companies 
grow their followers and presence via Instagram. 

SEBHIA DIBRA—Founder / Author / Co-Host, NYC.

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